The Creative Process: Courage mingles with trepidation to break new ground

My sister and I were raised by my grandmother, who has been a great role model in my life. She is a well-known nutritionist, herbalist and natural healthcare practitioner so she understands the human condition and how it appears to go astray at times. She taught me that this is part of the creative process of life, getting off and then on track and producing amazing things in those moments when everything seems to be aligned.

She inspired me to keep evolving, keep growing and developing as an artist without compromise, without thinking about it too much but just getting on with it. She is a living and breathing example of someone who models this way of living in my life.

What I call “the creative process” is not only how I develop an artwork, but also how I approach life.

I start working on a piece of art when I have the urge to, it comes naturally and I don’t have to go looking for it. Sometimes it’s an emotion or a feeling and sometimes it’s just a thought, but both compel me to start researching my next piece.

And it’s unpredictable, with surprises, twists and turns that I could not have foreseen when I started so there is no point trying to figure out exactly what it is going to look like in the end. It’s one of the reasons I love to work with ink, it flows with my thoughts and in the next moment I could be staring at something I had not planned for.

This is like my life, I never really know what’s around the corner even though I do some planning, and sometimes this generates both courage and fear at the same time. Fear of the unknown and what might happen (that I might not like, or maybe I will), and courage to take a step anyway. The same for my art, I try not to predict outcomes so that the purity of the art stays true to its intent, even though this is unknown till the end.

My art is often about emotions and the human condition – strength, fragility, light and darkness.

All things human.

The creative process - Stefaan Morrow