Why do we respond to art the way we do?… Share your stories with me online.

Art is such a personal thing, it moves people for different reasons.

I think art, like music and dance, is one of the most powerful healing mediums. People look at art and get their own perspective of the picture and this may be completely different to their partner, who they think they know so well. We are subconsciously drawn to something that resonates for reasons we don’t always understand in that moment.

I believe if you are really moved by a piece of artwork, then you need to have it in your home or workspace, it’s doing something important for you. Maybe it’s inspiring your next steps in life, maybe it’s moving grief, maybe it’s stimulating your creative juices, maybe it’s just giving you pleasure looking at it.

That’s why I like people to share their stories about my artwork. I get a real kick out of listening to what my art makes people feel and think, and why they love it. I never know what to expect.

Each piece invokes different reactions. Some are calming, some are energising.

For example, when I paint in black and white, I feel like I am solving a puzzle. When the picture is complete, I feel a sense of relief because the puzzle is solved, maybe this is what people feel too when they view these pieces. But maybe not, it is all up to the individual, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the same goes for art.

So please go ahead and share your stories about my artwork, what you feel and think when you see them, what they say to you. What’s your interpretation? Why are you drawn to a particular piece? If nothing else, it’s a good opportunity to share and connect with other art lovers too.

Share your stories on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I look forward to connecting with you!